A little about me, and this blog :)


I’m Narah and I am a quiet introvert trying to live in a world of ‘Share’.

Initially I didn’t think it was the best combo, an introvert and a blog – sharing things – but the thing is I actually have things I want to share, and I’ve realised there are more than a few of us…it’s not that uncommon!

I am creative, optimistic, and hopeful, and I like to think that I can help people too (if its needed of me) so here I am. I also like to do everything with good intentions, from taking in the peace of a late night or an early morning, to grounding myself in my little garden.

So, here are the main things I will be sharing – at least to start with anyway.

I have recently published my first novel ‘Fallons Hope’, a YA/NA fantasy that I have been working on for a while – that’s huge for me – and terrifying but so exciting! So far it’s being well received and I am hoping to use this blog to review other books as I have a new found appreciation for how important they are to authors – especially independently published ones.

I review books as part of my monthly catch up – unless its by request and then it will get a post all to itself, some contain spoilers, some don’t and I do not follow a particular format so some are long, some are short, but I try and make sure all relevant opinions and details are included.

Lastly, but by no means least, as its what I will probably share the most, I really enjoy cooking. Not so much baking, but I do occasionally! Food is something to be enjoyed and shared with others and over the years I have adapted many recipes and created my own variations on others that everyone can enjoy! I hope if you try them you will let me know what you think – and share your own variations too.

I also plan to add a ‘Book Food’ section where I will post recipes developed around the delicious sounding food I read about! Keep an eye out for this!

So that’s just a little bit of me and what I hope to share with you – please feel free to comment, get in touch or just say hi – I look forward to meeting you 🙂

And remember, it takes will & work!

P.S. All pictures and content are my own – please make sure to mention this if you share any of them. Pictures are not for reproduction.