Fully Booked – The Year Ahead.


Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the first Fully Booked of 2020.

I did think that the best place to start my first Fully Booked of 2020 would be a run down of all the books coming this year, but then I thought that most of you are probably aware of them, and it would be a bit too list-y for a first post, so instead, I am going to share with you my own personal pre-order desires (I may have tripped and fallen already, hello Waterstones edition paper back of The Near Witch) and also share with you my Goodreads challenge, my personal challenge with Roo over @bythe100thpage and what I am aiming for in terms of my reading!

So here goes!


Last year I went a little mad and pre-ordered everything as soon as I could…then I ended up cancelling a few because there were special editions, signed editions, fairyloot editions to go with the versions you got in previous boxes, etc. So this year, though I have a few that I am already on the ball with, and there are at least 4 that I know I want that I am not currently able to order from my preferred retailer (I will take the stamps please!) I am being a little slower off the mark, holding out for better/different editions, and just making keeping track of my orders easier all round!

What I am most looking forward to (so far) this year is Lightbringer, the final instalment in the Empirium trilogy by Claire Legrand, Set Fire to the Gods, by Sara Raasch and Kristen Simmons, The Last Odyssey, by James Rollins, Bridge of Souls, (number 3 in the awesome Cassidy Blake series) by Victoria Schwab, and The Mercies, which I have already read via NetGalley (spoiler free review here – scroll to the reviews at the bottom) but I need on my shelf, by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, along with Wicked as you Wish by Rin Chupeco (which is next up on my reading list!)

I am sure there are about a hundred more – but I am going to be good…promise 😉

Goodreads Challenge

Last year was the first year I took part, and it seemed silly not to as I now aim to review everything I read, and though a lot of people try and increase their number year by year, and though I read about 10 more books than I had aimed for last year, I have decided to keep it the same, 36 (so 3 a month average) for the simple reason that I feel setting myself a higher number and potentially failing (because I am determined to write more this year) will just set me up for failure…and I know that it is my own goal, but I will still feel I have let myself down if I don’t get there! So I am sticking to 36!


I have been laying out my new bullet journal for the year and it mostly focuses on books and reading. Roo made a wonderful kindle page, and knowing that I have a great many on my kindle that I forget I even own, I decided to do the same…5 pages later and a conservative 245 titles (some trilogies and boxsets included in 1 title) later I realise that I needed to start working through them so I am going to make a point this year of working through the many that I have not read. Terrifyingly, this amount is based only on orders in my Amazon history, I was tired, I feel I may have missed some and it does not include my NetGalley’s or any that have been emailed over and have not yet been downloaded to my kindle. I think I am punching a hole in about 300, and about 250 of those are unread!! Ooops!!

Buddy Reading Challenge

The last 2 years I have enjoyed finding books to read for the challenges that Roo and I have devised. Its only 1 a month so you can fit it into your regular reading schedule and we have 1 basic rule, that we don’t double up (so one book cannot count in two categories)

This year we have decided to make it a little harder (both being mood readers we are being nice to each other as much as we can) and so for each month, the other person will pick what you read, and we have put a 400 page limit on it too.

Grab a reading buddy and play along! Here are the themes for each month:

  • January – cold/winter or sci-fi
  • February – romance
  • March – spring clean (something languishing from your 2019 TBR)
  • April – resurrection or zombies
  • May – a short story, less than 300 pages
  • June – travel (time or distance)
  • July – an airport or train station purchase (any genre)
  • August – fantasy
  • September – middlegrade
  • October – witches or ghost stories
  • November – horror
  • December – a Christmas retelling

So there is my bookish year to come! What are you looking forward to, and are you going to challenge yourself, tidy up your TBR? Let me know!

Until next time,

Narah 🙂


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